The Partnership Programme

Here at BCM Institute, we offer the chance to qualified individuals and organizations that have keen interest on developing the awareness of educating professionals in the field of BCM Audit, Business Continuity Management (BCM), Crisis Management (CM), Crisis Communication (CC), and IT Disaster Recovery (DR). BCM Institute is always looking for opportunities in enhancing its network and introducing its methodology to countries all over the globe. There are several ways of obtaining this opportunity. The programme below is made available for interested individuals and organizations in being a part of BCM Institute;

BCM Institute Representative Programme is a programme that offers individuals, as well as organizations the opportunity to represent BCM Institute in their country and city. This programme allows them to work closely with BCM Institute in handling and understanding the ways of managing and coordinating course management classes. BCM Institute shall also assist in recommending top professional instructors, along with assistance in the examination and certification process.

Levels of Partnership