Who can be a partner for BCM Institute?

Any organization who currently offers training and would like to embark into offering Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Crisis Management training (with certifications) in their region.

Why be a partner for BCM Institute?

This institute was setup in 2005 and it has the most comprehensive set of course accompanied with certification for professionals embarking on BCM and resiliency roles. It provided cost effective training roadmap to upgrade the professionals based on their current BCM job responsibilities and requirement. The institute would like you to own your training business supported by proven courseware with strong intellectual property.

How many types of partnerships do you offer?

At the moment, we offer two levels of partnership, whereby the partners equally divide management responsibilities, as well as profits.

What is the duration of the partnership?

A minimum of 1 year for our new partners who have met our initial requirement.

What are the differences between the 2 levels of partnership?

Tier 1 is for new partners, Tier 2 is for existing partners moving forward. Having Tier 1 agreement during the first one to two years, the key is to establish the relationship and we strive to synergise with each other especially in our common objectives, goals and value. Tier 2 partner are given more autonomy to deploy our training program.

How do we become a partner of BCM Institute?

Send an email to partnership@bcm-institute.org. We will require some verification of the goals and capabilities before the start of our initial discussion. BCM Institute will contact you regarding moving forward to become a partner.

I do not have an existing company but I am keen to offer BCM Institute courses in my country. What options do I have?

You may choose to partner with your local training company. Based on our past collaboration, the “one-man operation” who has the subject matter tends not to have the logistics to sustain the business. However, please note that all profit sharing between you and your partner shall not be included in the budget costing. With this said, BCM Institute shall not be liable for any charges or expenses incur by your partner.

Is a written partnership agreement applicable for every partnership?

Yes. We will work out the details of the partnership and create a written agreement.

Which courses can we offer?

As a new partner, we recommend you to offer our implementer course, a 2.5 days course with the examination. Refer to course offering on our website http://www.bcm-institute.org/courses

How is the course structure? Since I am advised to conduct the implementer course which is the 300 level course, what is the structure that I as a provider is providing?

The structure of BCM Institute course is based on the competency model of “Know”, “Do” and “Manage” requirement from the body of knowledge.

What is typical courses fee structure?

Please refer to our website at www.bcm-institute.org

The fees are quite expensive, do we give out discounts to participants and at what rate?

To discuss further upon BCM Institute’s qualifying you as our potential partner.

Do you extend a special rate for local participants attending the course?

To discuss further upon BCM Institute’s qualifying you as our potential partner.

What if international participants wish to attend the course in our region, how much can we offer?

For international participants, they are deem to pay in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

Can we as the partner become the instructor/trainer for the courses we offer?

Yes, provided that you will attend a physical training and completed the certification with BCM Institute.

For training/certification of the trainer, is it possible to do the course by e-learning, or, to have access to the materials (doing self-study ) and do the exam online or paper based?

No. Potential trainer MUST attend physical training conducted by BCM Institute and be certified before he/she can become a trainer for BCM Institute.

What if we do not meet the minimum requirement to hold the training for the first year?

We will look into what are the problems you may face before deciding whether to pursue with the partnership or to revoke it.

How do partnerships terminate?

Partnerships end when one partner gives notice of his express will to leave the partnership, or if the partners fail to commit the minimum requirement by BCM Insitute to perform on its first year of the agreement.